Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some Thoughts... at end... at start.... – II

I left JP Morgan on Friday and joining Barclays in Pune. It will be my fourth job and again I am changing the city. Each time I change the job, I have changed city also. I wish it would some new city but I am happy that it is Pune, one of my favorite city after Ahemdabad and Surat. :) ...
When I left Persistent three years back, I was sad, very sad. Apart from good company, I left good city, and bunch of life time friends.  Here is the link of that time,
When I took bus last time from JP Morgan, I feel void but not sad or happy feelings. It’s like, ok one chapter of life finish and starts a new chapter; that’s it. Yes, I enjoyed working in JP Morgan in first year because it was too hectic and I had no time to think anything else.  Last one and half years are more of frustrations and full of complaints. I never like people who complaints but I did the same in last year so you know it changed me in sad way. Anyways let’s not discuss those things, it’s past now. I want to remember only good things, I had worked with some wonderful people and hope to see you them again.
Ya, one thing I must say that I got the very good respect from all people with whom I worked and that matters most then any other things, you know I sounds like oldies, but I am inspired from Rahul Dravid.
Let’s see how life goes in Pune and Barclays. I hope that I continue with blog now as I don’t have to spend 3 to 4 hours on commuting now. :)