Monday, April 27, 2009

Osho Ashram Visit

Yesterday, we had visited Osho ashram...and me not much impressed... it's more like five star hotel..... mostly activities are like any other yoga ashram.... but difference is that here u can find more non-Indians than Indians... more people are from USA, Europe, Australia and that's why it is more like five star hotel.... but activities are very similar.. just western touch.. more like dance therapy than normal yoga.... nothing spectacular as i thought... but i guess i should say more after experience it instead of seeing those activities..... after all Osho is very very famous and successful... I had bought two books, will write reviews of that after complete them... may be his thoughts, his books, are more efficacious and impressive yoga ashram... his words are more influence and I don't weather I will ever experience of this ashram or not.. because it is quite expensive.. hmmm.... let's see...

and for those who wants to visit ashram, Details are
Visit(they called it tour) Timing - Morning 9 to 10, Noon 2 to 3 - 30 mins vedio n 10 mins silent round around ashram..
but you need to book in advance, a day before and Booking Timings are Morning 9 to 1, Noon 2 to 4 and age should be more than 12 years. ticket is 10 Rs per person...
No phone booking.. u should go there and buy tickets in advance...

No bookings need for Osho Garden (garden is also so so.. not that much good... if u don't visit, nothing to loose) - Timing - Morning 6 to 9, Noon 3 to 6. it's exactly behind the ashram.

To take part in ashram activities , dhyan prayogs - first day 1060 Rs. , then after 200 Rs. daily charges. Identity needed for registration - Driving License, Passport or Student card, photo on card is must.

Address - Ashram - Lane 1, Koregaon park, Pune
Garden - Lane 2/3, Koregaon park, Pune

Hope it's helpful and enough.....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Vintage Mumbai

Here, again with old pics of places of mumbai and I guess no need to put current pics of those places as all are very famous ones.....

1) Cuff Parade

2) Kalba Devi Road

3) Gateway of India (Apollo Bander at that time)

4) Church Gate Station (1930)

5) Church Gate Station

6) Victoria Terminus (CST now)

7) Dadar Railway Station

8) Mumbai Central

9) Marine Drive (1930)

Hope you enjoyed...........

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party Time with Team, First time Bowling at Wonder Funky

We went to Wonder Funky with Team at Friday evening. Last month, all team mates worked very hard for database split release but I guess it worked good for team because before that, team hardly wants to party at evening but now every body, almost every body are ready... even they are ready for tracking at sinhgadh..... I am surprised...... really...... but lets see, when tracking happens with team... but at Wonder Funky, we had gala time, enjoyed a lot.... first time did bowling in life... and scored well too.. :) .... I thought it would be a bit of difficult for first times, but almost all settled for good score except Anu... Two marwadi guys, Anupam and Ashutosh was the highest.... I was fourth.. :( .... and ya not to forget, but I found rates for bowling was cheap. (I hardly found things cheap ..I am quite thrifty, frugal guy) ..quite ok... 120 Rs. for 10 games, 20 try and its ok I guess so... don't know about others...
after that, girls wants tattos but tatto guy went for dinner n never come back.. so ... n then we went for dinner at restaurant located at wonder funky and it was wrost food I ever eat outside (in good hotel..)..never go there....its so bad that I even forgot name of restaurant, but ambiance was fact great but AC didn't working and even waiter's behaviour was rude enough to make things wrost..... but all in all good quality time with time.... for pics.. Click here ...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Movie: Firaaq

Just watched Firaaq, made by nandita das based on riots.... I really wonder that Religious helped us to be human beings, it more helped us to destroy ourselves..... I thinks it always better if there no religion... no Hindus, no Muslims, no Christians.... and yes, no Gujarati, no Marathi.... that's another issue we are facing thanks to MNS...but aah... its not possible.... its more difficult of educated muslims.... they can not live with those jehadis.... n we don't allow them to live with us..most of us..not all but.....
aah....but what can i do.. nothing but just write few lines lets live with it....... some times I got emotions....... after watching sentimental movies..... i should stop to watch those movies....its better to be practical and not emotional...... but no.. i should watch another movie. better comedy one.. then i will get another emotion..... lets try...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One Thought at the moring...

To be successfull.... Do what u love to do else Be ruthless in what u do...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Poem--લખતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ ખબર નથી!....

લખતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ ખબર નથી!
પણ વિચારોને ઘણીવાર કાગળ પર
ઉતારી લઉ છું

વાંચતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ ખબર નથી!
પણ બીજાના મન ને જાણવાની
કોશીશ કરી લઉ છું

જોતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ ખબર નથી!
પણ પોતાના કર્મોની ઝલક અચુક
લઇ લઉ છું

ચાલતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ ખબર નથી!
પણ રણમાં પાણીના આભાસથી દોટ
મૂકી દઉ છું

બોલતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ ખબર નથી!
પણ અપશબ્દ નીકળ્તા પહેલા
જીભને સંભાળી લઉ છું

સાંભળતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ
ખબર નથી!
પણ મળેલી સાચી સલાહ જીવનમાં
આવરી લઉ છું

રમતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ ખબર નથી!
પણ જીવનની રમતોમાં કોઇક રમત
જીતી લઉ છું

વ્યક્ત કરતા આવડે છે કે નહી,
એ ખબર નથી!
પણ આ સંસારમાં મારો લખાયેલો
ભાગ ભજવી લઉ છું

જીવતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ ખબર નથી!
પણ ક્ષણ ક્ષણ માંથી નાની
મોટી ખુશીઓ છીનવી લઉ છું

અનુભવતા આવડે છે કે નહી, એ
ખબર નથી!
પણ કુદરતના હિસ્સા તરીકે
પોતાની તરફ ઇશારો કરી લઉ.....................

source.... from friend's testimonial.......... I like it.. hope you too..........