Sunday, March 14, 2010

My View: The White Tiger - Arvind Adiga

The White Tiger is a tale of two Indias. Balram's journey from the darkness of village life to the light of entrepreneurial success is utterly amoral, brilliantly irreverent, deeply endearing and altogether unforgettable. it is written by Arvind Adiga and it is his first novel.
Compelling, angry and darkly humorous, The White Tiger is an unexpected journey into a new India. It offers a completely bald, angry, unadorned portrait of the country as seen from the bottom of the heap; there's not a sniff of saffron or a swirl of sari anywhere... The Indian tourist board won't be pleased but you'll read it in a trice and find yourself gripped.
Above words are not mine but taken from Book front and rear cover But ya, If I keep reading novels like this then may I can write the same. English of this book is a bit high level for me. Some words are totally new for me, words we never use in daily language. In fact I am not aware of some words but thanks to WordWeb application in my iPhone, I got the meaning of those words. Last Gujarati novel of 220 pages took my 3 hours but this 320 page took my 10 hours... so you can imagine. n that's may be one of the reason that this book is not as successful as chetan bhagat's novels. 
Nice read..... 

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