Sunday, February 14, 2010

My View: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be - Jack Canfield

This book is written by well known author, Jack Canfield. He is co-author of very famous book, The Chicken Soup for The Soul. Book was published in 2005 and New York best seller.
25 Principles took me 1 and half month to complete…. Reason is that it’s not a novel and it’s boring (For me) and result of the book, Last statement of book tells it all, ‘You and you alone are responsible for taking the actions to create the life of your drams. Nobody else can do it for you.’ Then why, why I read this book….. ;) I knew all principle well before reading the book, already read it in newspaper columns, not all at ones but randomly…. The only problem is implementation and that still exist…. Me still trying… What Book says is simple, follow your heart, don’t think too much, just start taking action, just do it, don’t blame others, stick to your dreams and blah blah.. but saying is simple and doing is difficult otherwise, 'में कहा का कहा पहुँच गया होता, अगर किताब पढ़ने से कुछ हो सकता....' :)
And the title says, ‘How to get from where you are to where you want to be’…. Hmmmm… Actually I don’t know where I want to be… Right now Where I am, I never dreamt of. And I don’t know where future lies for me and that’s interesting part as Life is more fictional then book or your thoughts….
Anyways If you need some inspiration and till date, never read any motivation articles or book then try this book otherwise skip it and just start taking action. But ya, its best seller so just keep mind that.
I wonder, most successful people mentioned by author ever read this type of books!!! Just a thought….

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