Friday, May 21, 2010


Missing Hetsi very badly...... It is Friday night and I will be at Surat in the morning, in 4-5 hours and will see her sleeping... but these 4-5 hours killing me.... 

Khyati forwarded me one mail few months back... and I love reading this poem again n again...

!!!Baby Thoughts!!!

Daddy Daddy,
Please come to me
Clean my Poo,
And wash my Pee
I am sorry…
I am unable to speak
So I will cry
Don’t you freak
I enjoy my nights
After a tiring day sleep
Its time to party
So bring in the feed
Why are you sleeping
Play with me
Or else I would cry
And give neighbors a shrill
Make some funny faces
Give out funny sounds
Entertain my soul
You are my all exclusive clown
I hate movies,
I hate restaurants
I hate all places
Where I feel left out
Take me with you
Whenever you go out
I love to see the world
Feel the air, fly with the clouds
Growing up, demand sacrifices
Like you, I might also move out
Would cherish these moments with you & mom
Always love me, that’s only I want……

Missing you sweety.....


Mind Writer! said...

Is that your daughter? She's so cute!

Loved the poem!

Hope you get to your daughter soon!

Anish Patel said...

Yup, She is my daughter... You can see her more pics here,

I enjoyed weeked with her... fully....

R. Ramesh said...

haha good one buddy:)cutie girlie..